Real Life: It's a Girl Thing

There's a reason why it's difficult to understand women - we can barely figure ourselves out!

Here are some of the weird female phenomenons that make us the complicated people we are.


1) We shaved our legs five minutes ago, but as soon as we go into the cold, the hair immediately grows back out.

2) We really, truly do not know where we want to go out to eat. We just know that it is not one of the ten restaurants you just suggested.

3) When we leave the house looking our best (whether going to the grocery or out on the town), we see no one we know. When we go out looking absolutely dreadful, we see everyone we know.

4) When we are depressed about our weight, we eat. When we are depressed about money, we shop. Don't ask us why.

5) Our hair never seems to grow long enough. Once it does though, we immediately chop it off to "get it healthier", and then spiral into post "too-short-haircut" misery.

6) The first thing we do when we get home is take off our bra. It's totally a thing.

7) We get ponytail headaches.

8) As a matter of fact, NO, we do NOT already own enough pairs of shoes. But thanks for asking...


  1. my mom always told me, it's hard to be beautiful


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