Beauty: What's New in Jamberry

Jamberry Nail Wraps are still as popular as ever. 
I got the opportunity to try them out again just in time for my college graduation. As some of you may remember, I can do makeup, but I cannot paint my nails. I might as well have a two year old color my nails up to the knuckles with a sharpie.

So I got these cute new Jams from Jam Nails by Jeanette - read on to see what's new in the line.

No cap decorating allowed this year. At least I had super cute nails!!!!

First, Exhibit A: I have horrid fingernails. I am forever washing my hands, and doing some sort of work with them - makeup artistry, massage, etc.

Exhibit B - I simply cannot do my nails and make them look decent. That's why I go to a salon...

Jamberry Wraps are easy to apply:

This is all you need!!!

You simply prep your nails with alcohol, heat the wrap, apply, heat again and press firmly, then trim and file. 

See? Piece of cake!!!

I like the Jamberry brand because it looks like a full on manicure. Notice my pinky on my right hand? That's nail polish. I can't polish my nails and make them look like the pros do - but Jamberry does that for me!

So...what else is there to love about this product??

There's something for everyone:
For the camo/country lovin' gals...

For the trendy girls...

They stay on trend:
They have a monthly subscription box, just like ipsy or birchbox!!!

You can represent your school!

Elle Woods herself would be proud to wear these (yay for sorority patterns!!!)

Jamberry is keeping up with customer needs:

You can purchase this mini-heater instead of using a hair dryer. Soooo much easier!!!!

They have charitable designs (if you need a legit reason to buy):

The Autism Awareness Design

They've got kids' sizes with adorable patterns:
How cute are these???

They're easy to give - get a gift certificate!!!

So what's not to love?? Contact Jeanette Powell today and schedule a party or just make a purchase. You're going to love them!


  1. Thank you for the awesome review!
    Want to check it out? Take a look here:
    Have some questions? Feel free to contact me any time:

    Jeanette Powell
    Jamberry Independent Advanced Consultant

  2. awesome! love them.

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