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Fashion: 4 Ways to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe For Spring/Summer

You've procrastinated for weeks, but now the weather is on a steady upstream.

That's good for your mood.
Now to tackle that winter wardrobe transition.

Before you store all of your wool and leather away for the warmer weather, here's four tips on what you can keep wearing as the season changes from cold to warm.

Keep the leather jackets.
Especially the cropped ones. Sometimes the temperature can do a quick drop or you may travel to a more chilly city - you don't want to be stuck in the cold. You're cute leather coat will be on hand to easily throw on; then take off when it warms up again.
Store all the other leather.
Pants, skirts, heavy coats, etc.

Keep the cowboy boots and booties.
It's one of my favorite looks, especially with a summer dress! Going to a festival or doing brunch with the girls, your cute boots are also a sexy look your beau will love.
Store the snow and riding boots.

Keep the light-weight scarves.
They are a great accessory that can also be used a shawl when it gets a little breezy as you walk down the beach.
Scarves are also my favorite multi-use piece for traveling. It can be a shawl, blanket, ball it up for a pillow, or wrap it around your head and neck.
Store the knit and wool scarves and hats.

Keep the cardigans and light-weight blazers.
Although many days will be too hot to imagine wearing anything on your shoulders, think about the times when you are indoors when the air conditioner is blowing - and blowing hard. (Which most businesses prefer, and you have no control over the strength of it.) If you don't want to keep them in your closet, then plant one at your desk/cubicle, in your car or even throw one in your handbag. If you're like me - you hate being cold. So, keep a few on hand during the warmer months.
Store all other sweaters and thick knits.

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


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