Celebrity: Meet Pickle the Pig (He's becoming quite famous!!!)

Remember when Max DiNatale was Max, male model and hysterically funny guy? Well, he's a dad now, and his boy Pickle is trending everywhere in his adorable videos and pics.

The camera loves Pickle. He obviously takes after his dad!

"I originally wanted a girl for some reason, and I have always loved the name 

Olive, so I was going to call her Olive. When I found out that I might be getting a 

boy, it kind of just came to me while I was lying in bed that I should switch it from 

Olive to Pickle!"

"Being a pig dad is awesome! I go from worrying to wondering to just being 

excited depending on what time of day it is! I guess it's probably similar to having 

an actual baby because everything is so new, especially with having a 'different' 

type of pet. But I have for sure laughed more in the past few months than I have in 

a long time!"

"What would Pickle say if he could speak? 'Raisins! Raisins! Raisins!' and "Dad, 

can we have dinner again?' "

The life of a pig... Play hard, sleep cute!

See Pickle's famous video here (as well as many others)


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