Men: Father's Day Gift Ideas...That He Really Wants, But Won't Tell You

My dad is the hardest person to shop for gifts.

He's not really a gadget guy, doesn't wear fact, he's not really into a lot of things anymore (he used to play basketball, ride a motorcycle- constantly active when I was younger)
But today- no real hobbies...
Pretty low maintenance.

So every time it's hist birthday, Christmas and Father's Day, I have to go into real frenzy trying figure out a gift that he really would appreciate. (I also hate buying gifts in vain. I really like to target things people will appreciate.)

Of course, some years I just have to resort to the polo shirts, new shoes and socks. 
But some of my best years were when he said he didn't need or want a tablet and we got him one anyway. Man! He uses that everyday!
Another good one was his sudoku game - he loves that too!

By far the best gift of all was when I was able to treat him (and my photographer Matt's father) to the Andretti Racing Experience for the sake of a story.
It was about giving the dad a Beyond the Usual Father's Day gift he'd love.
Man! I felt so proud, because - yeah! Why wouldn't dad's love that! It was a great bonding moment, too!

But now those ideas are exhausted - here's three areas I use whenever I'm stuck searching for new ideas.

The experience of a lifetime

I've found that even if he says he doesn't want much, remember the things he used to like. Then consider his physical shape. Once you assess the situation, check those daily deal sites for things that will mimic my day at the race track.

Examples, the gun range, the driving range and even a helicopter ride.

Do something

Your pops may say he still like mowing the lawn, but everybody likes a break. Perhaps you can do it for him the next go 'round, or better yet, pay for a month's service!

You get the drift. Daddy will be really grateful if you take care of some of the chores he's accumulated around his house.

Show Up

There’s an old saying that 80 percent of success is just showing up. That’s really true on Father’s Day.
We know that all most dads want – especially dads with grown kids who’ve already left the nest – is a phone call or a visit; a nice hello to let them know you’re thinking about them and appreciate everything they do.
If you can show up in person and take him to dinner, then that's gravy!

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


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