Travel: 3 Apps to Keep Your Home Safe Before Leaving Town

Tis the season to get out of town!

But warning...before you head out for your summer vacations, make sure to prepare your home for the long stay away!

FACT: Did you know that summer is peak season for burglaries? According to Safewise, it is the combination more leisurely time and the absence of residents for long periods of time.  

Here are a few tips and accompanying apps for peace of mind while on vacation:

·      Presence: Presence is a free app that turns an old smartphone or tablet into a video surveillance system. A motion detection feature instantly alerts you, sending a video clip via e-mail, so you don't have to monitor the feed 24/7. With an added smart plug, Presence also allows you to control lights and other connected products remotely.

·     Kevo: Kevo is a digital door lock that transforms your smartphone into a key. You can send an electronic e-key to family, neighbors, visitors or service providers who need access to your home while you are away and get total control and feedback on who is entering your home.

·     WallyHome: WallyHome is network of sensors that alerts you of water leaks as well as trends in humidity and temperature levels while you are away from home.

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


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