DIY: How to remix that old outfit!

If you are like me, your style changes constantly and you get bored easy. Well you don't always have to run out and spend money on new clothes. All it takes is a pair of scissors, needle, thread, and maybe some buttons.

I've been doing this every since I was a little girl, tearing up my clothes. I'm glad my mom was open minded. I don't know how to read patterns so I always just judged things with my eyes. So for all of you who don't own a sewing machine or don't know how to read patterns, this is for you! This is a good start on your journey into DIY!
I'll show you how to turn your sundress into a culotte jumpsuit. I bought this dress 2 years ago and haven't worn it in a while. It was very inexpensive maybe $20. So I decided to play around! It only took 30 minutes. I did it while watching Modern Family and was finished by the time it went off. If you have a sewing machine its even faster.

D-I-Y Difficulty scale: 2

Step 1

Cut off the top of the tube dress about 3/4 from the top.

Step 2
Cut the bottom of where the tube top ends, and top of where the "dress" starts all the way around but leave a small piece still connected in the front of the dress. Stretch the dress out and grab the sides and pull the sides to the middle. I would suggest you do this with the dress on so you can judge the tightness. I used a button in the front but you can use whatever  bedazzled ornament you like. 

This is what it will look like when you put it on. (below)

Step 3
You can leave it as a dress or turn it into a jumpsuit. Cut up the center of the dress, if you need to use a tape measure, that's fine, like I said earlier, I do better doing it by "eye". 
Make sure you don't cut it up too high.

Step 4
Turn it inside out and sew each pant leg. I left a little slit at the bottom. When you turn it right side out, it will look like this. (below)

Step 5
Put it on! 

It's that simple! Don't be afraid to release your creative juices! I had so many people asking me "Where did you get your outfit?" Well let me tell you........!
Let me know if you have any ideas? #fashionfreedom

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