Celebrity: The MollyAnn Fan Challenge!!!

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about real life Disney doubles. I began getting messages here and there responding to my query about other look-a-likes across the country.

I love the photos that were sent in, but one Miss MollyAnn Wymer outdid y'all. She sent me photos of herself resembling many of the characters I love so very much, and offered a challenge - how many of you, her biggest fans, can match or beat MollyAnn in a Disney Doppelganger throw down?

Photos for consideration must be posted in the comment thread below the Facebook page that directed you here. They can be of you, your child, or anyone you know.

Ready, set, GO!

MollyAnn as Cinderella (Pre-Fairy Godmother)

MollyAnn as Cinderella (Post Fairy Godmother)

MollyAnn as Belle

MollyAnn as Mulan

MollyAnn as the Evil Stepmother

MollyAnn as Pocahontas

MollyAnn as Ariel

MollyAnn as Sleeping Beauty

MollyAnn as Snow White

MollyAnn as Jasmine

Keep up with MollyAnn at:

Do you or someone you know resemble a Disney character? Post a link below, or in the comment section of the Facebook page that directed you here. 


  1. 'You'll always be amazing', "Shine On!"

  2. i wish i knew of someone!

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