Travel: Four Essentials You Should Always Keep In Your Carry On

On a recent trip to the Virgin Islands, my luggage was temporarily lost from the seaplane transport.

Now you know, I think checking your bag is for suckas! But on certain small planes, where you have to be weighed to get on, they make you check your luggage.

And sometimes, as in the case of me and my travel group, they will just send it on another flight and promise it will meet you at your hotel.

Well, ours didn't, at least for the night.

Which left me feeling so know, as your travel expert and all.

The next morning I felt inspired to get up and shoot this tip video about essentials that you should always keep in your personal item carry on.

Here's a photo of the goods from our grocery store (emergency) run:

1. thin cotton dress (men: thin tee & shorts), socks & three pairs of underwear
2. medications & essential toiletries
3. essential makeup
4. ALL electronics

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


  1. lol! even without makeup, you look lovely

  2. woah. i'm glad you got your luggage!


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