Travel: Sneak Peak | Dayvee's New Travel Show

I'm happy to finally share a piece of something that I have been working on all year!

My new travel show "Beyond the Usual" is scheduled to debut this coming January 2016.
But you guys get a sneak peak of two teaser episodes TODAY!

This exciting new travel show will take you to experiences that you've always dreamed of. If you’re interested in being inspired, entertained, and motivated to jump into the world and take all prisoners,then join me on all of my adventures both domestically and abroad. 

My motto is “My job is to inspire you to go!”

On most trips I use my digital mobile kit (iphone 6, GoPro, Lifeproof case and more) to bring you inside all of my adventures, all while inspiring you to do it too!

I've also launched the travel vertical at the top of this website - just click link "Passport Dayvee."
It's a one-stop look at all of the travel projects that I have going on and I promise to keep it updated. There's even an interactive map, and everything.
The photo gallery is coming soon!

Anyway, please check out the episodes below, and please comment, share and share some more.
As you know, if we gain momentum for this thing before it's even official, then we will really make a difference!

Episode 1: Slide the City and Wear a Mouth Guard 

Dayvee Sutton takes us on a 800 foot slip-n-slide ride in the middle of downtown Decatur, GA, and this adventure proves to be more than just a waterslide.

Episode 2: A Date with the Bryan Brothers 

Dayvee Sutton got tickets to a pro tennis tournament in Atlanta, GA. But she had bigger ideas than just watching tennis - she wanted to get up close with a pair of the ATP's most popular players - The Bryan Brothers!

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