#4 Things We Love: Lifeproof Fre Power Case

I was introduced to Lifeproof at the beginning of June of this year. I mean, what was my life before Lifeproof!

Lifeproof has changed my life and I will literally never be without them again!

I went on a Lifeproof sponsored trip to the British Virgin Islands to try and test their new FrePower case on an adventure trip. We went boating, snorkeling, kayaking, zip lining and I was almost immediately sold.

Lifeproof is the sister company to OtterBox -which built their reputation for protecting your phone even if it fell off of a tall building. Lifeproof cases will protect your phone just the same, even in water. The FrePower case will do all of that plus, with an extra battery. So when fully charged, you start the day at 200%.

Imagine a life without having to plug in halfway through the day?

On our adventure trip, we were snapping photos and video all day - from about 8am to 7pm - and no one in our group needed to stop life to find a wall to plug in.
I was so sold on this product, that I was telling every lifeguard, instructor and tour guide about it and how it worked!

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It’s pretty simple to install, but one caution - you’ll need to use Lifeproof’s special USB cord to charge the phone and the case. (It comes with the box.) The universal/standard ones are touch and go.  That’s my only critique of it.

Retail price is $129

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