#7 Things We Love: Filtered Water Bottle

Say “goodbye” to the days of relying on expensive bottled water!

I love the idea of this - especially for travel. You can take tap water and turn it into filtered, drinkable water in an instant.

And it’s super affordable.

In 2013, I made an effort to become more healthy by drinking a lot of water. But if you are a traveler (as I am) you’re in hotels, on tour buses or bunking on people’s couches.

So it can be hard to maintain my water intake.
This resolves that.

I first started using one after being given one at an event.

I was given the Bobble.

But this brand has only a one layer filtering system. So I only use it when i’m in the US at hotels or visiting homes (not for hiking or outdoors.)

The Zero Water tumbler is better for that.  Their version has a 5-stage filter technology and revolutionary ion-exchange system- I don’t know about the ions, but the 5 stage filters is why I take this tumbler with me internationally.

FYI...the reason people get sick when drinking water outside of their country comes down to the bacteria. The bacteria isn’t necessarily bad, just different. So your body isn’t used to them. That’s why they say drink only bottled water when traveling. 
P.S. When foreigners come to the U.S. and drink our tap, they get sick too!

Both options are very affordable- between $10 and $20, depending on the size. And the filters last for quite a while. Replaceable filters on both bottles are between $10 and $17 for two filters.


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  1. i love this idea! i bet i'll save a lot from not buying water.

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