Fashion: Last day of white!

Some rules are meant to be broken!

Here's another reminder of why you shouldn't stop wearing white after Labor Day. Now that summer is coming to an end, get ready to pull out those fall and winter whites!

I love a nice pair of distressed white denim jeans. Just add a vest (pic above)or a  sweater (pic below) and you have a complete day time look!

White on top and white on the bottom is such a clean and classic look! You can add a pop of color with your accessories. I prefer neutral earth tones with my white. 

My all time favorite is the white pantsuit! (pic below) A tailored jacket and pants speaks volumes and when it's white, makes a bold statement!

For those who break the rules, enjoy your first day of white!
What's your opinion about wearing white after Labor Day?
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  1. I don't follow rules! I wear what I want to wear! Great article!

  2. Helpful article shared! Thanks for sharing it. Apparel


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