Real Life: 5 Steps to an Organized Purse

Is your purse a massive black hole of messiness? Mine is. Or was, I should say. Thanks to a little help from my friends (see video below), I have organized my purse. Hopefully I can keep it up!

1) Use mini bags to separate like items (I've used my ipsy bags)
2) Remove heavy items and things you never use (once I took out my $5 in change, my purse was MUCH lighter!
3) Clean your purse out weekly
4) Invest in a wristlet that can hold essentials for when you don't want to be weighed down.
5) Use sample sizes of must-have products to cut down on clutter and bulk.

Here's what I ended up with... I can find everything now!

Video Editing: Braden Goodwin


  1. i love this video! do more, do more!

  2. I couldn't find this video on your Youtube page?


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