Real Life: How to Chase Your Dreams

In honor of our Daily Affair Boss Lady's Birthday tomorrow, I've put together a short list of tips I've learned straight from the source. Our Dayvee Sutton is (in no particular order): an entrepreneur, Emmy winning journalist, model, producer, motivational speaker, tennis player, national contributor to US News and World Report, and quiet philanthropist. You know, no biggie. All in a day's dream job.

1) Belly laugh at least once a day
Quite simply, it's a must.

2) Travel
See the world. Learn. Expand your mind, and your horizons. There is no one "right way" to live.

(For the record, I may try to hide in her suitcase for the above trips. Shhhhhh!)

3) Share your knowledge.
Dayvee travels extensively as a public speaker, and her talks are both inspirational and thought provoking. As an employee, I get the benefit of her knowledge for free (yessss!!!), but as a woman always looking to better myself, I can say that her workshops are well worth the money.

4) Don't take yourself too seriously. 
Keep your eyes on the prize, chase your dreams...but be true to yourself. 

5) Uplift others.
Dayvee has a knack for making you feel like you are worth her time. No question is too basic, and she delivers help and advice with kindness. She chooses to empower, rather than overshadow, those of us she knows. 

Check out ALL of Dayvee's adventures:

@dayveesutton on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
and watch #TravelScope each #TravelTuesday around lunchtime EST.


  1. I love Dayvee! I'm a big fan!!!

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