Celebrity: 5 Reasons you should be addicted to Molly (Ann)

MollyAnn and I have been long-distance friends of a sort for about a year. We spend time messaging each other, have had a few phone conversations, and we text. We discuss the same things most women friends do: our kids, jobs, fashion, etc.

We finally met in person last month. As I drove to her home, I thought about the wild ride she’s been on in the past year: about her fans (myself included), and what kind of gal I might actually find when we met face to face.

MollyAnn’s fans are pretty hard-core, and fiercely loyal. Those who love her proclaim their adoration proudly, and chastise the haters who post rude comments about her videos.

Fans, this one’s for you. A glimpse inside the life of the gal you have grown to love.

Reason #1: She's family friendly. You can watch her videos with your kids!

MollyAnn’s home is modest and children are everywhere. In other words, she is just like the rest of us. Upon arrival, two of her kids are lounging on couches in the living room, and greet me without being prompted to do so.

Reason #2: She's got the voice of an angel

MollyAnn leads me to her bedroom to show me the dress she designed for her shoot that evening. It’s stunning, but my attention is drawn to a bulletin board on the wall by her desk. I am quiet for a moment, and I try not to be emotional, when I see that MollyAnn has the exact same handwritten note on her wall that I’ve had posted on my bathroom mirror for the past two years – the names of her children, and the words “this is why”. She and I share the common bond of single motherhood, and she bravely soldiers through the comments so capriciously and hatefully flung her way for a reason – 5 reasons to be exact.

A few of her children follow us into the bedroom, and make themselves comfortable on MollyAnn’s bed as I do her makeup. The kids are charming, vivacious, and hysterical. Sound like someone you know?

Reason #3: She's an absolute doll. She interacts with her fans online daily.

MollyAnn quietly sits back and lets the children take center stage. They are very polite, and seem older than they look. They are clearly very educated, and they lack the eye-rolling back talk that can be so predominant when children speak to their parents these days. They protectively watch over their mom as I make up her face, and respectfully engage me in conversations that are at once witty and humorous. MollyAnn appears content to take a back seat, and informs me that her children are actually way funnier than she ever could be.

Reason #4: She'll make you laugh til you cry...

My original intent was to interview MollyAnn as we hung out, but it wasn’t necessary. I’ve kept up with the comments and questions on Miss Molly’s Facebook, (from both the lovers and the haters!) and…I’ve got the goods, y’all.

1)   “Is she that pretty in person?” Yep. When I arrived, she came out to greet me in a robe and curlers, with no makeup on. She looked beautiful.
2)   “Is she materialistic?” Ermmm…I can’t say with 100% accuracy, but unless she’s hiding her bling and expensive appliances and such in some secret closet, then no.
3)   “She answers our posts! Is she as nice as she comes across, or is it an act?” It’s no act. She’s incredibly kind. She even spoke to my parents (big fans of hers) on the phone at my request.
4)   “Is she intimidating?” One hearty “heck no!” to that one. She is soft spoken, doesn’t try to be the center of attention, doesn’t curse, and has an infectious laugh. She’s also the first one to poke fun at herself.
5)   “How does she keep it all together?” Same as the rest of us. She has good days and bad days. But she’s a mom, and she’s strong. She pulls herself up by the bootstraps whether she wants to or not, and she gets on with life.
6)   “What is she really like?” She’s…hmmm. She’s the kind of gal you would want to befriend. She shows concern for your well being, she’s selfless, she’s zany, she’s fun, she’s smart, she’s creative, and she’s really hard NOT to like. You could try, but you would not succeed. She’s a lovely girl, inside and out.

Reason #5: She's a beauty that any woman can emulate. She makes no apologies for her curves, and encourages good health and loving one's self.

Oh, and a confession. Number of minutes I spent fantasizing about stealing her My Fair Lady Derby Hat and smuggling it out of her house? About ten. I’m not proud of this, but I’m just keepin it real - MollyAnn style.

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  1. Well written... Thanks for showing us the real girl...which I had no doubt ;-)

  2. Well written... Thanks for showing us the real girl...which I had no doubt ;-)

  3. Great article, I like her even more now! But honestly it doesn't surprise me, she just seems like a wonderful person!

  4. Great article, I like her even more now! But honestly it doesn't surprise me, she just seems like a wonderful person!

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Molly! I liked her the first time I saw her, although it took me a few to catch on. Now I can't wait to see what's up her sleeve next.


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