Travel: 4 Tips to Avoid Hotel Scams

Don't fall victim to booking online, then arriving to a dump!
This has never happened to me, but the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA), just released study that reports that 15 million hotel bookings turn out to be scams each year (6% of all bookings)! 

Here's four tips on how to not fall victim to scammers!

1. Book direct. The safest way to ensure you get what you want and need is to book directly with the hotel’s booking site.

2. Check before you click: Take an extra minute to make sure you’re on the real hotel’s booking site.

3. Only use trusted sites: Although the hotel name may be part of the URL, double check the website address to ensure it’s not a third-party vendor stealing a hotel’s identity.

4. Be sure you call the hotel directly and ask the right questions when booking to ensure you protect your information, your reservation, your points and your credit card information.
o   What is the cancellation/trip change policy? 
o   Is the site, in any way, affiliated with the hotel? 
o   Is it a secure payment site? The URL should have a small lock and should start with https:// as opposed to just http://.

If you fall victim to a scam contact the FTC directly at:

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  1. the last tip is great. sometimes we get so used to booking online that we fail to make human contact!

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