Celebrity: Bianca Renee (Our Curly-Girl Hero!)

Well hang on a second...do you NOT know who Bianca Renee is??? I'm about to change that, and you're welcome!

Daily Affair: You're pretty much the go-to girl for those of us with curly hair (and thanks for that!) What inspired you to get started making your tutorials?

BiancaRenee: When I started my channel, I never thought I'd be the go-to for curls! I simply decided to film a video in my kitchen to talk about my favorite curly hair products. Curls can be so hard to manage and I've spent years trying to find something that works. Once I found Shea Moisture, I thought it was only fair to share this news with any other curly girls watching. My focus has always been to help people, whether it's with their hair, skin, or confidence!

DA: I find your lessons and videos to be spot-on, but your personality itself is fun to watch! Which do you get more comments on from your fans - who you are, or what you're teaching?

BR: Hhmmmm, I think I get an even split of comments between my personality and the topic of the video. Anyone can make a tutorial, but we're not in a classroom - we're on YouTube! So I like to make my videos fun and entertaining. There are so many beauty gurus on YouTube, but your personality is what is going to make you stand out!

DA: What's your biggest beauty indulgence? The one thing you can't live without?

BR: Although I have a few videos on make-up and skincare, my biggest beauty indulgence would be curly hair products! As long as it keeps the frizz away, it can continue to live in my bathroom. My favorite curly hair product would have to be the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. because it works great all on its own.

DA: Let's talk about something besides how totes adorbs you are (though that's pretty much my first reaction whenever I see your face!): tell us one of your guilty pleasures.

BR: Hehe! One of my guilty pleasures would be PINTEREST!!! I can spend hours pinning to my imaginary closet and designing my future home. Luckily I'm engaged now so having my "Wedding Board" complete for a few years now isn't weird anymore...

DA: I was excited to see you made your snapchat public, but then, the tweet with the "Bye Felicia" look from Rihanna!! I thought, "Uh-oh, what if my snaps don't make Bianca's cut?" So I haven't added you yet... What can your fans expect to see on your stories?

BR: Haha! I was nervous about making my Snapchat public, because I tend to snap a lot. Making it public was like agreeing to a reality show, letting people see what I do 24/7! BUT, just like my YouTube videos, I like to entertain people, and Snapchat is another platform to do so. You will not get boring, rambling video selfies or too many food pics! I promise! If you'd like to learn the rules of Snapchat, you should watch my "Top Ten Snapchat Pet Peeves Video"! Watch Here!!!!

DA: What do you like to do for fun?

BR: One of my favorite things to do is host game nights at my place. Every so often I invite my friends over to play games like "Heads Up", "Catchphrase", "Mafia", and "Apples to Apples". My friends and I can get pretty competitive but the night is always filled with laughter.

DA: Tell us something that people would be surprised to know about you.

BR: Something that might come as a surprise is that when I was five years old, I was run over by a car. The car drove over my leg and broke it but I am blessed to be alive and able to walk and function normally. I talk about this instance and other surprising facts in my "Get to Know Me, Q&A" video. Learn more here!!!!

DA: What's up next for you in 2016? Give your fans a little hint...

BR: In 2016 I will be trying more and new beauty products: yes, I am branching out from doing Shea Moisture reviews! I think I got so used to curly hair products not working that once I found Shea Moisture I stopped searching for new ones. I have started trying new products and I am surprisingly happy that there are other working options out there now! I want to give my subscribers a wider selection to choose from. I will also be posting more fashion videos as well as more wedding related videos as I get closer to my wedding next year.

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Twitter: @MzBiancaRenee
Instagram: @mzbiancarenee


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