Periscope with Me: That One Time We Went To Top Golf

I got a media invite to come to a sneak peak of the new Top Golf Atlanta, before their Grand Opening (which was a week later). 

First...that ruined my experience at Top Golf forever.

It's not that it was a bad experience. It's that it was so fabulous that it will be hard to match on a regular day...with my regular money.

The VIP treatment, nearly private facility, and unlimited staff at my beckon call...
Unlimited balls at the driving range, unlimeted access to games...
and oh! The FOOD.
I'm drooling, just thinking of it now! (top right to bottom) Flatbread pizza, mini tacos, and fried donuts holes that you can inject with chocolate, vanilla or raspberry!

The owner said "Think of Top Golf like bowling with your friends. You rent the slot, you play the game. It's like bowling...except for the food! Don't expect hotdogs and stale nachos on the menu."

That's because they have an executive chef!
So you see...
that media sneak peak, (and a week later I also went to the Grand Opening, too), has ruined me forever. I can't go back and have a REGULAR experience with my REGULAR money.

But you should go. You haven't been ruined by an ultimate VIP introduction to the place.

Here's a little Periscope we did of us totally sucking at the Top Golf game!

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  1. thanks for posting. i love watching your periscopes!


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