Travel: How to Pack for a Week

Folks, you know I think checking bags is for suckas!

So, I've created a video showing you how I packed a ton of clothes for a seven day trip to Los Angeles!

But before we dig in, first consider how long you will be gone, and also if you will have access or need to wash your clothes.

Here's the them of the clothes packed:
1. business casual outfits
2. a few dressy outfits
3. casual day wear
4. cute reunion outfit

Here's the list:
1. bras, draws
2. shape wear
3. 2 jeans, 2 pants
4. 2 shorts
5. 8 shirts & blouses
6. pajamas
7. 4 dresses
8. 3 shoes - airport shoes, nice sandals, yellow heels
9. flip flops (permanent in suit case)
10. blazer
11. cardigan
12. hoodie (worn on flight)

Check out the video here:

Tips from the video:

1. create a list of planned or potential activities
2. check the climate and weather
3. pack interchangeable outfits for day and night
4. wear outfits more than once
5. pack complementary colored clothes
6. try on all outfits before bringing, especially if you haven't worn before or in a long while
7. pack space bags, just incase
8. don't forget your laundry bag
9. pack dryer sheets to keep (dirty) clothes fresh

Do you roll or fold when you pack? Let us know and we'll post it here!


  1. wow! you really packed a lot of stuff for that trip. amazing

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