#travelscope #traveltuesday: Travel Safety During the Holidays

This week Lori Mac-Brown and I invite 
Alisha Nesbitt 

Alisha is the producer of Atlanta Street Food Festival and many more ventures! (Check out the blab below as I make her spill all the details!)

Topic this week is travel safety during the holidays.

My takeaways were:

    1. plan ahead
      1. copy important documents and email them to yourself and loved one
      2. check in regularly with a loved one, so they know your patterns. Should something happen, they'll be the first to notice something unusual.
      3. always be aware - look, listen and pay attention
    2. for road trips
      1. travel during the day
      2. be well rested
      3. research peak travel times and avoid
      4. avoid traveling during bad weather
      5. travel with a companion (if possible)

Alisha's were:
I have a trip booked to the middle east and Africa in March. I used American Express Travel to get guided tours with private transport in each country. You don't have to have an amex to use this service: http://travelspecialists.americanexpress.com
Also, I went to Brazil for carnival with a group of friends for carnival years ago and we "rented a friend" the language barrier is rough there and she stayed with us the whole time to translate and make sure we were safe. We became friends in real life. Here's the link to my "friend": 
Lori also gave great advice. Check them out in the video below!
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