3 Ways to Win at Work

Yep, it's Monday! Are you ready for the work week? So many people dread the day. What if you just headed on it to the office and kept it simple?

Photo by Morgan Kelley
Model Liz Peavy clowns for the camera with me!

Own your mistakes:

You’re probably going to make them. We all do. Report your blunder to the proper department/person, let them know what happened, and how you intend to fix it.  Don’t make it more difficult than it has to be.

Consider every word:

Be kind, be a team player, be sociable. But never, ever, say anything you do not want repeated to the wrong person. If you have an issue to air out, go through the appropriate (private) channels, and then leave it there.

Check your emotions at the door:

Chances are you work with a large group with all types of personalities. Sometimes people clash. Sometimes you’ve got something difficult going on in your personal life. Remember why you are at work – you have a job to do, and you get paid. Do what you’re there to do and give it your all, no matter what.

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