The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy (with some awesome Therapist Recommendations!)

As a long term sufferer of chronic pain I am well acquainted with the benefits of massage. I've had therapists that were skilled enough to get me from taking ibuprofen in high doses several times a day to rarely needing it at all. So perhaps I am a little biased.

I decided to ask a couple of massage therapists to weigh in on the health benefits. Stacey Johnson and Nicole Goheen are both licensed and skilled at their profession. Read on to learn how massage can help you, and find contact information for these awesome therapists below.


Generally considered a part of complementary and alternative medicine, massage therapy benefits validate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. It is increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. Some of these include, but are not limited to, anxiety, fibromyalgia, soft tissue strains or injuries, TMJ pain, headaches and digestive disorders.

Beyond treatments for specific conditions, some people just enjoy a massage because it often produces feeling of caring, comfort and connection. There is power in the human touch!


Massage therapy is becoming more popular and respected than ever before. Insurance companies are starting to see the benefits of massage and taking charge by covering patients in need. They see that massage therapy and chiropractic therapy can go hand in hand.

Postural imbalances are one of the main causes for back pain and chronic pain. When we slouch in our chairs at the office or strain our necks, lactic acid will build up between the layers of muscle and cause knots. By massaging these knots out we are replenishing the natural toxins in our bodies, with fresh blood and fresh fluids to help heal the area affected quicker.

Athletes can benefit from massage therapy too! Sports massage involves stretching and muscle manipulation to get athletes back in the gym and less sore. Who doesn't love more flexibility and range of motion?

One of the most beneficial qualities of massage is relaxation. Some clients have naturally reduced their stress or anxiety through massage therapy. Monthly massages can reduce stress and even help with sleeping!

If you live in Charleston or the surrounding areas, you can email Stacey for an appointment at:

If you live in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas, you can contact Nicole for an appointment at:
(704) 273-2547


  1. Dani, thanks for pointing out that while massage therapy can be used to treat specific conditions, it can also just be beneficial for your overall mood or well being. I love the idea that it can help relax you. Since I had my second child, I haven't felt like I can really get the relaxation I need. Perhaps it is time to consider setting come time aside for a massage every once and a while.

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