Wanderlust Wednesday: Escape to Greece

I find that most of you just like my travel videos and photos. 

So back by popular demand for this #wanderlustWednesday are a few photos (more to come later) of my solo trip to Athens, Greece and some neighboring Greek Islands, followed by a short video story. 

This trip was taken in 2014. It was a last minute trip that I found on Skyscanner. I had wanted to go to Greece since 2010. Then a civil war erupted. So I forgot about it for a few years. When I was planning to go, my Greek co-worker told me that tickets never go below $1000. So when the price hovers around that price she said that's when I should buy.

Then in March of 2014 I had a chance to escape for a week, so I checked Skyscanner's everywhere feature and Greece was on sale for $850! I snagged the ticket and booked my hotel later.

Enjoy the photos and video!

The port of Hydra. I took a tour around the Greek islands. *see our affiliates link to shop Viator - where I got the best deal.
Walking around Hydra I realized everything's in Greek!

Taking the solo trip was a little uneasy for me. Everything was so beautiful and I wanted to share it with someone. But it opened it up for the staff to chat with me and the captain let me drive the ship!
...and then he wanted lots of hugs afterwards.
Walking around the ruins by myself, I was still recording one of my vlogs. These two said they recognized me and wanted a picture.
Look ma! I'm internet famous!
The gorgeous sunset was so perfect. This photo came straight out of my Samsung Galaxy S5.

Every ruin had a story. It was hard to keep up. But for once, I really just tried to enjoy the trip, instead of work = noting every quirky little fun fact.
And of course there were plenty of selfie worthy moments.

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