7 Countries US Students can earn a degree for free

A long time hot topic in politics has been the affordability of American Colleges for American kids.

The answer is that it isn't affordable, and many students are left with a huge amount of debt before they even get started in their adult life. For years people are burdened with student loan debt...including myself. And unless you have no other "life events" to detour your loan repayment plans, you can possibly carry this debt well into your 40's. This has even caused young people to reconsider the value of higher education and go for their chances at entrepreneurship, especially in this tech/start-up world - in hopes of being the next Facebook, Youtube or Twitter founder.

All of these are valid considerations.

But education is still a wonderful foundation and an isolated time in life where you are allowed to solely focus on developing and studying theories of what you believe and who you want to be in this world.

I've done a series of stories about how to become an expatriate, in light of the increased inquiries because of the threat of a Donald Trump presidency.

One of the most popular ways to live in another country is as a student.

Now combining these two ideas - free education and becoming an expat - did you know that there are countries that want American student to attend their universities and will pay you for it?

Here's a list 7 countries that American students can study for free to earn a college degree.

A university campus in Germany 
1. Germany
Germany believes education is a right, rather than a privilege and because of that it is a very popular country for international students. German universities have completely done away with tuition fees for students of any nationality. Americans can earn a German undergraduate or graduate degree without speaking a word of German and without having to pay a single dollar of tuition fees. There are about 900 undergraduate or graduate degrees are offered exclusively in English, with courses ranging from engineering to social sciences. 

A university campus in France
2. France
Paris is well-known as one of the best student cities in the world and continues to top polls year after year. There are over 70 English-language undergraduate programs in France, but many are offered by private universities and are expensive. Many more graduate-level courses, are designed for English-speaking students, and one out of every three French doctoral degrees is awarded to a foreign student. University tuition at public institutions in France incurs only a small fee of $208 per year for an undergraduate degree and $290 for a masters. (Be aware, though, that these costs do not apply to the Grandes Ecoles universities in France who will charge much higher tuition fees.) As well as boasting several of the world’s best universities, France is known for its internationally acclaimed specialist business schools such as ESCP EuropeESSEC Business SchoolHEC Paris and INSEAD. 

Norway University

3. Norway
Norwegian state universities do not charge tuition fees for international students. Many Norwegian universities offer programs taught in English. But consider the living costs of Norway, which has one of the world's highest costs of living for expats.   
Mid Sweden University

4. Sweden

As of February 2016, the fee for US students to apply to study in Sweden is $110. And though it is not as expensive as Norway, Sweden isn't cheap to live either. There are more than 900 listed programs in 35 universities are taught in English. However, only Ph.D programs are tuition-free. PhD positions in Sweden are usually offered as paid positions by universities or external funding bodies, so you not only study for free but earn a salary, too.  Alternatively, there are a range of scholarship options are available for American students.
Tallinn University of Technology

5. Finland

Finland currently offers free tuition fees for US students at all universities, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. But in 2017 this is set to change. Some fees will be added by some institutions for American citizens, some Doctorate level studies and all programs taught in Finnish or Swedish will remain free.
Masaryk Unviersity, Brno

6. Czech Republic

With over 70 universities to choose from, US Students who speak Czech or are willing to learn are able to study abroad for free in the Czech Republic at any public university. Students who wish to study in English can also study fairly cheaply, at around $1,080 per semester. Public universities often charge a small registration fees of just over $20. The application system is also straightforward and can usually be completed online, simply requiring proof of secondary school education.
University of Ljubljana
7. Slovenia 
Slovenia is underrated, but in fact has a highly-rated education system considered one of the best in the EU. There are 150 English programs are available and Slovenian universities usually charge American students tuition fees for undergraduate study. But similar to Sweden there are plenty of opportunities to gain a free Doctorate qualification. 

With this information, I certainly would've taken my studies abroad.
What about YOU?


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