Back to School Gifts Your Child's Teacher Will Love

Is there anyone who doesn't know by now how overworked and underpaid teachers are? Help start your child's teacher's school year right with these simple gestures. 

Bring them lunch!

If you have the time and the means, find out what your child's teacher's favorite lunches are, and deliver them a delicious meal from a nearby restaurant. Teachers have precious little time to eat, and a yummy lunch is a favorite gift of many.

Have you received the message? Teachers do NOT want coffee mugs. But if you must give into the impulse, at least make it something they'll want to keep.

Buy This Mug!


Teachers don't just arrive at school and begin teaching. They have TONS of stuff to take care of daily in addition to classroom and student time. Ask your child's teacher which tasks you might be able to take over to make his/her work life a bit easier. Your help will be welcomed.

A bit of humor. 

This book is hysterical, and sure to give any teacher a laugh. 

The Almighty Gift Card - Always In Style

Teachers report loving gift cards from Target, Walmart and

Huge Multi Packs of Colored Sharpies

These are always welcomed, according to my poll

Caffeine and Chocolate

Soda/Coffee, and some candy or baked goods typically go over well. A word of advice: It's very kind to want to bake for the teacher, but due to allergens and preferences, it is better to bring bakery made treats or bags/bars of chocolate. 

School Supplies

I have yet to find a teacher who does not end up spending their own money on school supplies for their classroom. Help your child's teacher out and save them some money. They'll be eternally grateful.

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