How Girls Know Who Their "Ride-or-Die" Bestie Is

The male population would probably have their fantasies crushed if they knew what we girls are actually up to when we're together. 

Ditto the things we text about, and what amuses us during our gal pal sleepovers. 

Guys, you know just what I'm talking about. No, we don't have pillow fights. We're pretty weird actually. Especially with our besties. Ladies, how many of you engage in the following with your bff? 

You check in on all major (well, ok, and minor decisions)

We tend to want feedback from our bff, whether it has to do with our relationships or our outfits. Furthermore, your ride-or-die will provide critique whether you actually want it or not. Among my recent duties were talking my bff out of several shoe options with a certain skirt, and coming up with five thousand options for her Halloween costume. (After I exhausted myself with ideas, she came up with one of her own. But like any true gal pal, she ran the idea by me first). As for my bestie, she assists me long distance (via text) with both outfit choices and furniture selections as I re-do my house. A sample recent text I sent her essentially read, "Which one of these chandeliers do I like?", along with three photos to choose from. Because really, how do I know which lamp I want without her affirmation? 

You selfie for hours

A true bestie knows that it is important for you BOTH to look good in your pics. And she will spend as much time as it takes with you to get that one selfie you both deem postable. The photo above? Taken just a few weeks ago, and we're pretty proud of it. It only took us about 3,487 tries to get it right. 

You Communicate in the Oddest Ways

Yes, we do text. But we are both busy moms, and we can go a week or two without texting. We do, however, spend a good bit of time tagging each other on relevant instagram memes (usually followed by the laugh/cry emoji) in order to communicate how we are feeling. The above is an example from this past week (my bestie Stacey and I are in the last two comments shown).

All I can say is, ladies, if you find that ride-or-die, hang on to her. You're weird, she's weird, but together, it just makes sense. 

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