DIY Fashion: "Lampshading Your Outfit"

The word lampshading jumped out at me at the mall the other day. Mainly because I saw it in a clothing store. 

Never one to be left out of new trends, I had to check this one out (and see if I could carry it off, natch). As it turns out, celebs were already lampshading last year - and it's super easy. 

The entire focus of your outfit is a pair of killer boots and an oversized shirt. Basically, your silhouette somewhat resembles that of a lampshade, (hence the name) only way more fabulous. 

Check these looks out for inspiration:

Kourtney Kardashian
Image Source: Getty

Kendall Jenner
Image Source: Getty

(This one's my fave)
Ariana Grande
Image Source: InStyle U.K.

So, what do YOU think? Will you be a lampshader?


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