Forget walking, let's take a segway everywhere!

OK. So we all know that when we see the line of tourists in their helmets and scooting along in a single file line around town on their segways, that they look like complete dorks.

However, I've said this for years - 


Segways are absolutely the most fun way to get around...even more than skates and skateboards (if you have them.) And every time that I take a tour, I remember that I need more of this in my life. 
I really do want to own one!

Anyway, I've taken a handful of segway tours, mostly around urban areas. But, on a recent visit to Cancun/Playa del Carmen, Mexico I had an opportunity for a more intrepid segway tour - around the property of Haciendas Tres Rios. There were rocky trails, bridges and xenotes.

Check it out!

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