7 Wardrobe Items that Never Go Out of Style

Fashion trends may come and go, but building a staple wardrobe is simple. There are certain items that stand the test of time, and can be brought back season after season no matter what.

Perusing my own closet, I immediately noticed several pieces that were undeniably classic:

Chuck Taylors/Converse:

I got my first pair of Chuck Taylors when I was 15. They were red high tops, and I wore them for about 15 years before I finally had to give them up. 30 years after that first pair, and I still have several pairs of Chucks in my closet, and yep, they're still in style. 

Trench Coats:

A trench coat is both fashionable and functional. I love my trench because it's perfect for fall weather, and it works with both casual and evening wear.

The Little Black Dress:

Every girl knows the value of the LBD. It's versatile and can get you through so many occasions. Dress it up or down for completely different looks.

Pencil Skirts:

Pencil skirts became popular in the mid 50's, and are still seen in stores today. They are a timeless, sleek way to bring fashion to the office, and the silhouette is now being re-imagined into form fitted dresses.

Button Down Shirts:

A button down shirt (especially in white) looks as good with a pair of jeans as it does with dress pants or a skirt for classic office wear. 


Jeans have been popular forever. A pretty, dark blue denim is always on trend. The best part about jeans is that they look great even when they're old and worn, and they can be cut into shorts as well. 

Dressy Clutch:

Source: etsy

A fancy little clutch is perfect for cocktail parties, a night out with your squad, date night, and weddings. Black is the best go-to color, and if you want to branch out, keep one in gold and silver handy in your closet as well.

What is your favorite staple item?


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