Brilliant Beauty Buys You Need Right Now

It's been two years since I last wrote about my best beauty buys! Since then, I've sampled, been sent, or bought oodles of new products, so it's time for a little update.

The following products are things I buy often. They combine my love of a great price with fabulous items!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner:

3 minutes on my hair in the shower and my color treated mane feels moisturized. It's super easy to comb through too!
Retail: About $3.00 

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Gloss:

Of course I'm obsessed with these gorgeous glosses. They smell and taste great, and they've got just the right amount of sparkle. 
Retail: $10.00 each, with frequent sales of 3/$10.00!

Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash:

This exfoliating body wash smells sooooo amazing! It gives me a lift every time I use it, and it has a gentle scrub that's awesome for sloughing dead skin cells.
Retail: About $4.00

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Lotion:

This is my go to fragrance! Forget perfumes and body oils. I have been wearing this lotion for years and years, and I continually get compliments on it. Buyer beware - this particular scent is only available during the winter holiday season. If you become a fan of the fragrance, stock up every November/December as I do to ensure you never run out through the year. 
Retail: $12.00 each (I recommend purchasing during the buy three get three free special!)

4 Sided Nail Buffer Block:

This 4 sided nail buffing block makes nail care super easy, with instructions printed on each side, as well as a number that tells you in which order to use it on your nails. Using this block is a great alternative to a manicure, as it makes your nails smooth and shiny, appearing to have that polish-free manicured look. 
Retail: Approx $5.00

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