3 Makeup Trends to Toss in the Trash

Ask any gal who follows current runway looks and glossy mag editorials, and she'll be able to rattle off a list of what's in and what's on its way out.

2017 looks promising in beauty land. Check out the following trends that are about to be SO 2016.

Sculpted/Carved Brows:

Also known as the "Instagram Brow", it's a good thing this look is over. Yes, it looks great on a very small population of women. Yes, it makes a nice "frame" for an "eyes only" makeup shot for IG. That's pretty much it. 


The infamous Kim K. contour pics have got to be the catalyst for this craze. 

This is truly (IMO) a trend that never should have been. From a makeup artist's standpoint, I understand the fascination, however I have found myself explaining to scads of clients why the contour/highlight fads they see on IG and Pinterest just aren't the same in real life - they're meant for photos/film. Period. Big yay to this trend fading out!

Matte Lips:

I actually quite like matte lips, though I don't carry them off well myself. I think these might stick around a bit longer than is being reported, but as for magazine and runway, watch for fresh faced looks and baby pink lips. 

Which current trend are you completely over?


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