5 things you should know about snowshoeing

Last week I went on a snowshoe hike in Lassen Volcanic National Park.

It was in the middle of a snow storm. Don't worry, it was not scary or dangerous at all.

Lassen Volcanic National Park gets its name because every rock and every mountain comes from a volcano. The area has more than 100 hiking trails that can be used year around. In the winter, people even ski!

In 2017, the Shasta Cascade area saw record snowfall, and I went there to snowshoe with the park rangers, which can be done on weekends with a reservation.

Here’s some things I learned that you should do on a snowshoeing adventure:

1.     Get the right gear
Make sure you wear snowshoes when walking on snow. Snowshoes help you “float” on snow. If the snow is deep, and you walk on it with shoes, you will fall through. That’s called “postholing.” Sometimes the snow can be as deep as you are tall.

2.     Dress for a snow hike
Sure! It will be cold, so layer up. But remember, you’ll be exerting a lot of energy - so, you will sweat!

3.     With that! Be prepared!
Bring snacks, water, sunscreen and shades – everything you need for a regular hike. Even in the wintery, cold weather.

4.     Stay on the trail
It may be fine to veer off trail and explore the winter wonderland, but because the snow has covered every part of the surface, and as indicated above, you don’t know how deep the snow will be. So, you may want to stick to the trail laid out ahead of you if don’t want to add to unnecessary danger.

5.     Bring your camera
No matter the trail you take, snowshoeing will open your eyes to a beautiful winter wonderland.  

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 So, would you ever snowshoe in a snowstorm?

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