How to cut a wig

One of my biggest secrets for when I was on-air every day as a reporter, was to wear a wig.

When you have to manipulate your hair everyday to perfection, it takes it toll on it and will definitely damage it.

Well, it's been two years since I've done daily news; so it's been a long time since I've purchased a new wig.

Dayvee with natural hair

But, part of the beauty of being a girl is that you can change your look whenever you feel like it. And I was in the mood for straight hair.

So, after some hunting for a "cheap kinky straight" wig on the internet, I came across the Annie half-wig by Outre. (The girls on the internet love it.)
1. It's $15-20 online  *click here to buy on Amazon
2. the texture mimics African hair that is blow dried or lightly flat ironed
3. it is synthetic, but can be heated up to 400°
4. and it is super long - 22 inches

But that is way too long for me.
So, I learned this trick ages ago about how to cut a wig by your self.
D-I-Y Difficulty Scale: 1

STEP 1: Part hair the way you want it to naturally fall or wear it

STEP 2: flip hair over 

STEP 3: gather to ponytail so it sits at the top of your forehead and secure with a hair tie

STEP 4: place another hair tie where you want to cut hair

STEP 5: cut hair underneath the second hair tie

Release your hair from the hair ties and now you have realistic layers in your wig!

*start with a conservative cut. Then repeat steps 4 & 5. You can't re-grow the wig if you cut too short. But you can always go back and cut shorter, until you've achieved the desired length.

*use a razor made for hair to add a more natural look to the ends. If you don't have one, no worries. The layers help to add that look anyway.

Check out the video tutorial:

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


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