Your Cheat Sheet for Spring Beauty Trends

As of today, it is officially spring! Triple yay for kissing the cold weather good-bye, and I'm super excited about the beauty looks I'm seeing on the runways and online. I've gathered a few of my faves for you to try for yourself. 


This neon blue eyeliner is in the mail to me as I write this. Can't wait!

Neon is back yet again. This time it's bold, lush colors for lips, eyes, and lashes. From lime green to magenta, it's time to freshen that cat-eye or pouty lip with bright hues that are not for the shrinking violet. I've just ordered a few things from Stargazer and I'll be posting pics on my instagram (@danilazaro71) the very minute it arrives, so keep checking in!

Burgundy Mascara:

Clinique is just one of the many beauty brands offering burgundy mascara (Photo courtesy Sephora)

Everyone who's anyone (in makeup) is offering their version of burgundy mascara. This is a good thing for all of you who shopped the cran-color wardrobe from late last year - your lashes will match your clothes! 

Need more burgundy? CLICK HERE to read more

Stick Straight Hair:

Soooo pretty! Source

Whether you wear it down or pinned back to emulate the wet-look, it's time to break out that flat iron and give it a go again. There's an elegance to this simplicity, but beware - it actually takes some time to get your hair so perfectly straight. Better set that alarm a bit earlier!

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Braids, braids, and more braids:

Love this messy boho chic look!

This bodes well for me, as braids are pretty much always my go-to lazy girl hair. Look for everything from a single mini boho braid to more elaborate braided buns. 

Which trend will you try? Tag us in your pics on IG, FB and Twitter!

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