5 things to see in Durham, North Carolina

Likely the most you know about Durham, North Carolina is that it is home to Duke University.

Don't worry. If you're not from the region, it's not expected that you would or should know more.
But here are 5 must-see and do things to explore while there.

Sarah Duke Gardens

So, definitely visit Duke University's campus. You'll feel like you've stepped into Hogwarts. It's truly epic.
The botanical gardens, especially when in full bloom, are a pleasant way to pass time. It's a serene and nature-filled experience that is free.
The bridge in the Asian Garden
Patrick Doughtery's, The Big Easy

Check out my visit:

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The King's Daughter's Inn

I said this in the last post, and quite often say it - I'm not a bed and breakfast person. However, lately it seems that I'm continually being surprised by how great they are. So maybe I should reconsider my proclamation. The King’s Daughters Inn is a 17-room boutique luxury hotel that offers the amenities of a first-class hotel with the intimacy of a B&B. 

The rooms are spacious with high end yet cozy decorations.

But, by far, my favorite part is the sunroom/parlor/sitting room. It is my DREAM!

Shop at Brightleaf Square

Brightleaf Square is anchored by two tobacco warehouses renovated into a dining and shopping center in downtown Durham. One of the history lessons you can learn on your visit to the city is it's history as a premier tobacco center for the country all the way through the 1980's.

American Tobacco Campus

Because Durham was a major tobacco center, there are plenty of warehouses and factories around town. The biggest of them all was the American Tobacco Company, which at one point had an anti-trust lawsuit because it was considered a monopoly!
It's now been turned into a mixed-use property, housing restaurants, shopping and business offices. One of the fun finds are the corporate offices of Burt's Bees. Right outside is the original house the founder Burt Shavitz owned and began making his wax candles out of from Maine. It was moved down to the campus, and now it's an exhibit for visitors to learn more about the history of the company.

Dinner at Piedmont Restaurant

Piedmont takes its inspiration from the farm-grown foods and produce of the local culture - the name refers to the North Carolina Piedmont region. Two of the managing partners also own a farm that supplies the restaurant, and Chef Brian May recreates classic dishes with modern techniques.

roasted parsnips, honey mustard, apple, spring onion

Ever been to Durham? What was your favorite part? Let us know and we'll post it here!


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