How I lost 20 pounds in a month

I blame it on my cousin. I saw her during the Christmas holidays when I went home to Florida to see family. She looked AMAZING. Like me, she had always been a slim girl. Also like me, she had been carrying post-children, post-depression, post-divorce, post-EVERYTHING weight for the past few years. We both have small frames, so we don't do well carrying a lot of extra weight.

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Never having been one who needed to diet, I wasn't really sure where to start. Oddly enough, my best friend had told me recently that she thought I wasn't eating enough. I thought she was crazy, and basically told her so. She explained that losing weight and eating more often go hand in hand, not the opposite.

Here I am at my heaviest ever. I am with one of my brothers in this photo, sharing a moment before memorializing our Dad, who we recently lost.

Another pic at my heaviest, last November. My boyfriend flew me to Las Vegas to see Britney Spears in concert, and I had to buy clothes for the trip, because nothing fit. 

I was tired of not fitting into my clothes, but most of all, I was tired of feeling unwell. Inspired by my cousin's success, I asked her what she had done to lose the weight. That's when she turned me on to The Shred Diet, by Dr. Ian K. Smith.

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I read up on the diet and its principles, and the foods that were both included and to be avoided. My mother had warned me that she heard it was extreme, but I actually found it to be the opposite. It seemed to follow some healthy lifestyle choices, and included daily exercise. 

Warming up prior to a walk. Photo courtesy of Caitlin Epstein Photography.

I noticed that Dr. Smith had a new book available, "The Super Shred" which was a kickstarter for the program, promising a weight loss of 20 pounds in a month. I ordered it, and halfway into January, I began.

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As promised, I never felt ravenous. In fact, I was eating more than I usually do. The most difficult part of the diet for me was having to prep my food each day so that I had everything I needed when I went to work. Other than that, the rest was simple. Sure enough, one month later, I was down 20 pounds. Well, 19.5, but close enough. 

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15 pounds down. Dressing room selfie at Goodwill (I'm a thrifty gal), because I was texting with the BFF to make sure she approved of this shirt!

Since then I have maintained the weight loss. I do intend to do the regular Shred diet and lose an additional 10 pounds, but for now, I'm happy. Most importantly, I've adopted a new lifestyle. I eat more often. I learned to reset my metabolism. I know a lot more about proper portion size. And I weigh myself less, which is HUGE for me. 

20 pounds down, and fitting in to a pair of jeans I haven't worn in years. Hurrah!!!!

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The book is readily available both in stores and online, in paperback and e-book. The e-book was cheaper, but the paperback is better for being able to reference the recipes included and just being able to carry it around with you in general. (i.e. for grocery store references)

Give it a try. See what you think. And as always, be sure to let us know your results!

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