Revisiting Mary Kay: Are They Staying on Trend?

It's been almost 3 years since I've had a chance to play with the entire Mary Kay line. 

You know - try it on, see what's new, etc. The last time I reviewed their products, they were all about Mary Kay at Play. Bottom line on that one: thumbs up (and it was good enough for Project Runway, which meant good enough for me!)

The "At Play" line has phased out (goodbye, favorite teal liquid liner), and new products have joined the perennial faves. It's all good though. 

How cute is the new Mary Kay "Pink Suite" in my town? 

Here are some things you can find for summer 2017:

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•Yes, they are staying on trend! They have a new charcoal mask for deep cleaning pores.

•The eyeshadow shades are competitive with the other top brands. I saw SO many colors, both matte and shimmer. There's definitely something for everyone.

•I snapped up their liquid eyeliner pen (and have been wearing it every day). It has the stiff tip that I like for ease of control, and the eyeliner stays on all day.

The Lash Intensity mascara is one of their best sellers, and has the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. (I adore it!)

•They remain the perfect balance between trendy (CC creams, shiny glosses) and classic. I grabbed one of each of those as well as mascara (love it!) and mascara primer. Oh yeah, and the best brow pencil I have found in years!!!

Full face of Mary Kay, just after leaving the Pink Suite!

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So, three years since my last review, and I'm giving Mary Kay another thumbs up! I definitely recommend their products, and if you want to buy from a salesperson who will give you great guidance without hounding you to buy, I recommend my Mary Kay gal, Natasha. I've stuck with her for three years now, specifically because she knows her product, she makes awesome recommendations, and she doesn't bug the mess out of me to buy, buy, buy. (Thank you Natasha, you rock!) Here's her link:
Shop with Natasha: Mary Kay/Natasha Jones

Did you know that Kristen Bell, Jessica Alba and Hayden Panettiere have been spotted in Mary Kay?  

Have you tried Mary Kay products? Post your best MK look on Facebook and be sure to tag us!

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the great review. So glad you and your face love some MK. And most importantly, thank you for supporting your small, local, business owner, Natasha :)

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