How to Write a Complaint Letter

A few days ago, I was a loyal 10-year customer of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I've always had great service, they've fixed any issues I ever did have, and I've never used anyone else. Yesterday, two employees at my local franchise made my experience so bad that I am now about to write my first ever letter of complaint to their corporate office. 

Follow my journey as I learn how to write a complaint letter properly, send it out, and see what, if anything, happens. (My guess, nothing. People can get away with anything these days).

I googled "complaint letters" and got almost 40 million results! The following are the components suggested that I include in my email:

1) Exactly what happened:

This won't be a problem for me - I did cry on the drive home, but my boyfriend calmed me down and I jotted some notes about what happened while it was still fresh in my head.

2) Any receipts or documentation from your experience:

I did not get to have the experience, but I have my reservation number and my (former) loyalty program number

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3) Be clear:

Stay on point, tell the story, and resist the temptation to pour out pages and pages of info

4) Remain calm:

While it is certainly appropriate to relay how you felt, steer clear of any foul or derogatory language, empty threats, or just writing an all-out letter that vents frustration. Try to remember that you are looking for a solution.

Thanks to our NEW favorite rental car company (Alamo), our road trip plans were saved!

I'll be writing my letter this week, now that I have had a few days to calm down. I am also researching to find the proper channels to go through (i.e. a specific name and email versus just general customer service)

Stay tuned, and check back often, as I will be revealing the results of my letter as soon as I hear something.

Have you ever written a complaint letter? How did it go? Sound off on Facebook or Twitter and be sure to tag us!

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