Trending: Why Shoefies are Totally a Thing

Snap a photo of your face, and it's a selfie. Take a pic of your shoes or feet, and it's a shoefie. And, it's totally a thing. If you follow any influencers on social media, especially in the fashion world, you'll find shoefies galore.

Photos courtesy Amy Short

Photo courtesy Amy Short

Photographer Amy Short is a master of the shoefie. She says, "I take a lot of them because my feet are always with me: they are fun to show where you are or what you're doing, especially if you don't like regular selfies like I don't. Plus sometimes you have cute shoes or toenail polish. It's like the 'Where's Waldo?' of the selfie world."

Photo courtesy Amy Short
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Photo courtesy Amy Short

And celebrities like shoefies, too.
Check out a recent pic from Jessica Alba.

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Photo courtesy Amy Short


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