What exactly is a glitch fare & how to find them

There are always news stories about people snagging flights around the world for only $200. 

Is that real?

Yes. But you have to know how to do it.

You've undoubtedly seen your Instagram feed flooded with wanderlustful photos of people living their best wanna-be-super model lives around the world.

How do they do it?
I'm not sure, how THEY do it.
But you can do it by finding deeply discounted airfare.

Fact: Airfare is the most expensive element of your vacations. 
With the addition of the shared space industry - services like Airbnb - there are more options to find a bed in the marketplace, other than a hotel. This, of course, makes the costs go down.

Also, add a little research about your destination with sites like Trip Advisor, and you can find the best mode of transportation - does it make sense to take public transit versus a cab? 

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What is a "glitch fare"?

Airlines are posting and managing thousands of flights each day in their matrix grid. Mistakes are bound to happen, and they do quite often. Glitch flights are temporary price errors made by the airlines that if you know how to find them and act quickly, you can snag and have the trip of your dreams.

Warnings: Most of the time, airlines will honor the glitch fare rate. But, in some cases they will not. So, when booking you should wait a few days until you get your confirmation email from the airline about your journey. Then you can proceed to book hotel, tours, activities and ground transportation.

Also, NEVER call the airline to question the rate. That only alerts them about the error (which takes them anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days to resolve). If you alert them of the mistake, they will rectify it and you've blown the opportunity for the rest of us!

Make sure to read the rules and fine print for your flight. But, with most domestic airlines you have 24 hours to cancel for a full refund. So, when you see the deal, jump on it and think about the details later!

Glitch fares can help you travel to places that you never thought you'd go.

Difference between glitch and fuel dump fares

You may also come across the term "fuel dumps" when hunting for discount flights. “Fuel Dumping” is when an aircraft disposes fuel mid-air prior to landing. This often occurs when a plane is forced to make a landing short of its intended destination to lighten the aircraft’s weight. But, in terms of flight deals, it means pairing two separate flights on the same airfare ticket in the hope that the fuel surcharge component of the main, more-expensive flight is either partially or fully dumped/eliminated. It can get quite complicated

Difference between just flight discount

While there are many websites out there that claim to send you the glitch fares when they are discovered, I have vetted many - some will text you, some will be outdated, some will actually just be sending you flight sales that you could have discovered on your own. 

Through much research I rock with Fly Glitch. First, they are the only service I've found that allows you to select your departure region. If a glitch fare is found across the country, it doesn't make sense to send it to you. With Fly Glitch's premium access, you will be sent an email alert whenever a glitch fare is found in your region. In that email will be given key info on how and when to book the flight. It is so thorough and answers all of your questions before you have them - like the average cost of the flight so you can compare the glitch fare, details on how to book the glitch and recommendations for how long it will last. (But just in case you do have a question, just email them and a real person will respond!)

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So will you give it a go?

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