Pottery artists find an unexpected home in Cashiers, North Carolina


The art of pottery is a traditional craft in the mountain town of Jackson County, North Carolina.

written and photos by Ina Salvaleon

Several locals are some of the most talented artisans in the area, collectively offer an array of pottery styles. The area also attracts artists and visitors across the country. There is such a concentration of pottery artists here, that there is even a program where artists can move to the area, get free housing, create, sell and display their art. For more information about this program visit www.discoverjacksonnc.com

Jackson County celebrates the art of pottery by hosting a couple of festivals each year -one in the summer and one in the fall. This summer, the inaugural Pots on the Green Festival was held in Cashiers, NC. On the day we went, it was raining, but the show went on without a hitch as it was cover by the park's tent.


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The event was free and lasted two days. This year, a total of 15 artists participated and showcased their pottery to the public at The Village Green - a 12-acre park used for events, weddings, and had a wooden playground for children.

Artist presenting his work to customer

When you go, you can find a range of items from decorative ceramics, like intricate vases and face jugs, to functional housewares, like plates and mugs.


Nick Breedlove and Dayvee Sutton playfully admiring a life-size pot of a bear

Collectors can explore different styles of glazing and techniques at each gallery. And, you may also hear some fascinating stories from the artisans.


Display of handcrafted cups

Silly faces are guaranteed to make you smile


Artists enjoy sharing their works with customers

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