10 Quotes to Live By

How awesome is this tee? It completely describes me in four words! 

Scroll through your Instagram feed daily, and you’ll probably come across cute or uplifting quotes. Fridays are a big day for posting – who doesn’t get excited for the weekend?

This week I’ve put together some of my all time favorite quotes – things I have posted in my home, on my social media, or written in my journal – basically, words that remind me of my goals or help me get through the day.


My all time favorite quote from my all time favorite movie, Auntie Mame. 

My daily mantra, courtesy of Mahatma Gandhi.

This quote reminds me that I have a lot of strength packed into my 5'2 1/2 frame!

This one says it all.

Need more inspo? Read How to Chase Your Dreams

My boyfriend's mantra. Spoken by a true firefighter!

I first saw this quote on Britney Spears' IG. Totally a "note to self" moment for me. 

Original author unknown, but it's a better way to spend your day!

Lewis Carroll knew his stuff.

Yassss, get it girl.

By Pink Floyd

What's YOUR mantra? Got a fave quote that gets you through the day? Comment below!

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