Rant: Quit Arguing in Public (and other things that need to go)

Pretty much everything is public these days. This can be both an up and downside of social media (yay for adorable baby pics, boo for your latest trip to the emergency department). I expect this is also due to the fact that we consume so much reality tv that it seems normal to over share. Maybe it's just me, but I'm here to say...enough already. Seriously. 

Here, a few of my current rants:

Arguing in Public:

I got to thinking about this topic a couple of weeks ago when I was in a store, trying to shop, and there was a couple one aisle over. They were not happy with each other, at all. And, they had no problem letting the entire store in on their drama, and in my opinion, were speaking louder than one normally would in order to one up each other. And I just 
kept thinking...why?

I can't count the number of times I've been witness to a couples' argument, not only out in public but at get togethers that consist of several sets of couples. Is there anything more awkward? If you are one half of one of these couples, I've gotta tell you this: a) Neither of you comes off better than the other by putting each other down b) NOBODY wants to hear your argument and c) You're making the rest of us feel really uncomfortable, and we pretty much want to be anywhere but near you two. 

Hey, nobody else seems to be saying it, so I'm just letting y'all know.

The "I'm not looking for attention" Facebook Status:

As in, (1) "I'm so depressed today. But I don't want to talk about it." or (2) "RIP my friend" or (3) "Consider yourself lucky you made the friends list cut if you're reading this status"

To the above all I can say is: (1) You obviously want to talk about it, or you wouldn't have posted it. (2) Either provide all the info or stay private. This is a very passive aggressive way to get 47 people to comment, "OMG what happened? Who died? or I'm praying for you!" Losing a loved one is a serious thing. Give it the respect it deserves (whether publicly or privately) and (3) Um...thanks? I made your friends list cut. I must be ok. The people you can't stand aren't reading the status anyway, so...why?

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Literally using the word literally ALL the time:

Synonyms for literally: actually, really, truly. So, when speaking or telling a story, just ask yourself, were you "actually, really, or truly" dying, laughing the entire night, haven't slept in an entire week, etc. etc.? If so, go for it. 

If not, maybe consider at least cutting down on the use of the word, cause you probably did NOT literally do the thing you said you did. I myself love a great, dramatic, silly story, and I often (in an obvious way) exaggerate. But y'all have got to stop with the literallys. Please and thank you. 

So...agree or disagree? Got any rants of your own? Leave us a comment below!

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