How to dress for the game

Let's talk about how you've been dressing at games.
Most of my career has been as a sports journalist. So, I've been to hundreds of games for all types of sports. Of course, you can imagine, that my typical uniform consisted of business casual pieces. And, you can also imagine, that I've seen people - fans- do it all right and all wrong.

This is my typical uniform in the field - jeans or pants, tee and blazer or dressy/flowy blouse and flat shoes.

Now, live games are big business because they give people a place to escape from their real-life problems and stress. They are casual environments where you eat, drink and socialize with the centerpiece being the sport played. It's also no secret that the primary audience are men. So, I totally get it that it's a great opportunity for single ladies to "bump" into a potential suitor; and of course, to get his attention (away from the game). The obvious thing is to be super cute and sexy. However, the reality of the way if comes off is demonstrated in this photo...

photo credit: unknown source
This woman is dressed as if she was dropped off at the wrong place. She's terribly sexy, and appears to be flirting with the very married star of the team, Stephen Curry.
She, as you can imagine, got ridiculed on social media.

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But, there's a better way to dress for the game.
Let's look at a couple of famous American WAGS.

 Gabrielle Union is married to a NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade. You can see in both photos, she has a typical style - a tee with jeans. The second photo she added a leather jacket. Totally casual, but still cute as heck.

Shop Gabby's look here:

 Super model Gisele Bündchen is married to future Hall of Famer and Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady. When watching NBA games with her husband, she rocks the same style we've seen earlier, and adds a baseball cap.

 At football games, she's still super cute with jeans, and a more structured blouse.
Shop Gisele's look below

Here's a group of NBA WAGS, including the mother of Lebron James, who is also cute and casual. These ladies have all the money in the world to dress in high-end styles (and I'm not saying that scarf Gloria James is wearing does not cost $1-million). However, their looks are all relatable and something that we can (and should) replicate at casual sporting events.
(Left to right) This photo has the wives of Chris Bosh, Adrienne, Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, and Lebron James, Savannah. This is clearly a championship game, so while Gabrielle and Savannah chose to stay casual, Adrienne opted for a dress.

Now that we've seen these gals do their thing, I thought it would be fun to show you what I've worn to games and sporting events.
My mom and I headed to a Falcon's game with our team tees on. I'm in shorts, she's in jeans.

I lived in Charlotte for four years. So, in an effort to fit in (I guess), I wore the Panther's colors at their games. However, when my team was playing, I could not betray them.
Apparently, their sentiment wasn't mutual - you can see in the photo below that I am highly disappointed in them being blown out by the Panthers.

This is around Christmas time at an NBA Game. You can't really see in the photo, but I have on a long sleeved tee, a sweater and jeans. My friend has on a sweater and jeans.
In the photo below, I'm with another gal-pal and we're rocking basically the same thing.

Here I am at a basketball game in my favorite off-the-shoulder, ruffle sweathsirt, jeans and shiny silver flats. Below, I'm a little more dressed up, in a flowy top, trousers and shiny gold shoes.

I'm not the biggest hockey fan, but I know the arenas are meant to be cold- yanno, because of the ice. So, a beanie cap it is!
While living in Charlotte, I became a big NASCAR and motorsports fan. Here I am on the track at the Indy 500. 

Here I had a surprise visit to Charlotte Motorspeedway. So, although I had on a dress and sandals, I still made it work!

 At outdoor events, like NSACAR, a hat is essential to protect you from the sun. Here I went with my University slogan, which I love to do now that I live on the Eastcoast.

I also love to be hands-free. So waist or belt bags (or fanny packs) are one of my favorite accessories.
Shop this style here:

You can't really see too much with this photo, but at this baseball game, I was wear a flowy top and shorts. Most baseball games are in the summer.
I was feeling a little boho-chic at this tennis match. Here I am at the Miami Open. Vogue Editor-in-cheif, Anna Wintor, was also there.
For tennis, you still want to stay casual, but you can flirt it up a bit, too.

And one of the exceptions to dressing casual are at horse races. In fact, it's the opposite of what I've laid out in this post. Ladies, this is an opportunity to find your fancy dresses, shoes and best church hat. Fellas are normally suited in seersucker or khakis. These are fun events to play dress up.

So, what do you think? 
How do you dress for the game?
Let me know.
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