How to Travel Like a Global Citizen | featuring the Polaroid Snap Touch Cam

Popular travel experiences include hanging with the locals and visiting far off villages and isolated communities.

But often times, it feels a bit exploitative, when traveling to foreign lands and just snapping pictures of ordinary people doing ordinary things. It is like a "human zoo" and that is degrading.

We know that travel always gives us something - life long memories, friendships, and sometimes, even more! (See how my friends met their soul mate while backpacking through Asia - READ HERE: How to meet the man of your dreams while traveling)

I truly love going deep in a country, a village and connecting with the local community. 

I love sharing cultures, and observing simple every day life.

I love see school children, mother's feeding their babies, and fathers working.

After spending hours with people, I feel a kinship and friendship. To keep the memories, I will take pictures of the people I meet, and often time will include myself. 

Below is a series of photos from when I visited the Melo Village in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia.

After watching their cultural harvest dance, they invited me to dance , play and drink with them. 

I loved the kids, and they loved posing for me.

After we left, I went to town to find a printer where I printed out a dozen photos in color. But the best they had was standard 8x11-inch paper; of course, some sort of photo or card stock would be b. My guide said on his next visit, he would deliver the photos to the kids.

That was the best I could do, and that is what I had to settle for. All I could to was to hope that those pictures would end up with the children. 


When I left that trip, all I could do was think about a solution for this. I needed a way to print my photos on the spot!

It suddenly became priority number one for me to  ensure that the next time that I was on a trip where I would hang with the locals, that the people would be left with a little gift and memory of our shared experience. A photo that they could look at later, and that I could print on the spot.


My research led me to Polaroid’s Snap Touch. And as soon as I could, I got my hands on one.

It's a digital 13 megapixel camera, with classic Polaroid printable technology.

There's an LCD screen in the back, so you can check if you like the photo.

And when everything is approved, then just print to leave an instant gift with all of the new friends you meet along the way.

Now, I never take a trip with out it.

It's definitely should be a staple for every traveler. It's super compact body barely takes any extra space along with your other travel gear.

*Wanna try one for yourself? Get yours here HERE

Also, check out the video about one of my favorite new travel gadgets.

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