Even winners have to lose sometimes. But, you can keep your 2nd place trophy


If you know me, then you know that I am super competitive.

So, what that ultimately means is that I hate losing.

Well, the longer you live, naturally you have more chances to lose.

So, I actually can handle it much better!

But, what I don't like or appreciate are 2nd place trophy.

What is that?
how to stay focussed

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On Memorial Day weekend, I played my first tennis tournament in about four years. My partner and I should have won.
We lost.

Albert Einstein said
"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."

Watch the story and the ultimate lesson that I learned from this experience.

How do you stay focussed to play your own game? 

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  1. I too have an interesting story about winning and losing. I was in a piano competition in the 5th grade. My music teacher made me practice, practice, and practice! She gave me the music sheets for the composition I was to play so that I could practice at home. I lost the music sheets! The day of the competition my name was called and I sat down at that piano and played my heart out. WITHOUT the music sheets. Yes! I had memorized the notes and played the piano piece. I came in 3rd place. I was bummed out. But my mom told me: “Child! Everybody else was older than you and they used music sheets. You were the youngest contestant and you played the music by heart; from your memory. I don't care who they gave the 1st place blue ribbon to ... You're the winner!”

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