How to take time to enjoy your hotel room

When you think about it, we never spend much time in our hotel rooms.
Whether for business or vacation, we primarily use our rooms to sleep.
Yet, it is incredibly important to many of us to have a nice room.

So, here's three things you can do to get a little more out of your hotel room.

1. Order room service
Most people think it's incredible luxury to order food to your room. However, if you plan to eat on property at one of the hotel's restaurants, you'll find the prices on the menu in your room compare to that in the restaurants. So, why not stay in your pajamas and luxuriate with breakfast in bed?

2. @your hotel
Let them know on social media how much you are enjoying your stay. Ask them for recommendations for things to do in the neighborhood. They may respond with discount and coupon codes, and sometimes with even gifts waiting for you in your room when your return.

3. Take a bath
Most people save their baths for at home. But, at the end of a long day of adventure or work from the road, if your room has a fancy bathtub, then you should treat yourself to unwinding the day with a  soak in it. Also, chances are, if there is indeed a fancy tub, then there will be fancy bath salts and other accessories to go with it.

Or go in the pool.
The same concept as the bath - take a quick dip, if even for just a half hour. You'll feel like you really lived it up, even if you are on a business trip.

Check out my film from my stay at The Carlyle Hotel in Washington D.C.

The boutique hotel is centrally located near Dupont Circle, with easy access to shops and sites. The metro isn't far, so you can explore more of the D.C. area. The rooms are updated and the staff is attentive to your every need.

Do you ever take time to enjoy your hotel room?

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