Dayvee's Ultimate Travel Packing List: Trip Checklist

This has list been requested for years!

And I’ve put it off because
  1. It’s a daunting task
  2. Items in your luggage changes
But, there are some tried and true favorites that I reach for
over and over. So, I’ve put together this comprehensive list of my
favorite travel products and accessories.
Click the brand names below to be redirected to the sites where you
can buy these things for yourself. If the link doesn’t work, that means
it is sold out. However, visit this page often as I will actively update it
with my travel gear.

But first, here’s my list as seen on TV. Here’s my segment on
TV One’s “Sister Circle Live”.

Baboon bag
Show-stopping luggage - that looks out of this world, but super-duper functional.
This carry-on is for those on-the-go travelers hopping from spot to spot - when
dragging a roller bag is too cumbersome. I have the small bag, which costs $149.

Vessi shoes
Not your ordinary sneakers. They are waterproof! Tested and tested again, they
are made from flash Knit material that blocks out moisture. But, allows your feet
to still breathe. Price is $129

I consider this the ultimate camera for the traveler. It’s a 360 camera - which
means it captures everything around you. But, use it not in a cheesy way. Shoot
now, select shot later. So don’t worry about perfect shot when you’re on the go,
you’ve likely got it. Price comparable to GoPro - $500

The ultimate tracker for traveler! The Garmin brand is the leader in the fitness
tracker world - it lists sports and activities with precision, measures progress,
helps you fine tune your workout. Last weekend I went kayaking and I was able
to show my group our route!
So, the maps help adventurers to never get lost; you can find and follow trails
and landmarks - like shelter or toilets.

For wellness and self care:

*knock on wood* I never get sick while traveling! But, a lot of that
has to do with the preventative steps I take with the help of the
following supplements.

A dietary supplement tablet, packed with enough superfoods to give your healthy
diet a green boost. It’s a tablet that fizzes when you drop it in 8 oz water, and
tastes like citrus drink -not chalky or like eating the backyard.

Fly Gum
Avoid jet lag and get energy while flying. Fly gum uses simple ingredients like
Natural Caffeine from green coffee beans, and B vitamins to give you energy
during and after flights.

A natural stress relief with a range of products, from tablets, lotion and sprays.
But I love the sleep gummies and liquid melds for travel. Part of sleeplessness is
turning off your busy mind. Sometimes with travel, it’s a combination of
adrenaline and anxiety of what’s ahead. This is Alcohol free, and naturally rocks
you to sleep and wake up refreshed.

Now, here’s my Ultimate Travel Packing List

Let’s start with my carry-on LUGGAGE

When I have to check a bag, I go for a larger option of a duffle bag,
with wheels!


Lo & Sons: The O.G.
Backpacks are the best. Evens the load, holds a ton,
and easy to carry.

Lo & Son’s The Waverly
The convertible strap allows it to changes wristlet,
crossbody and waist bag.

Lo & Son’s Pearl
A little bigger than fanny pack. The key is the strap.
Can even make this a waist bag, too. (Though not
advertised that way.)

Typically, I carry a small pouch for I.D. , cash and card

*I add a carabiner to keep it on the outside, won’t take
space on inside

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With iphone and micro-usb cords
Remember, this is a live list. Visit often for the latest
updates of what I travel with in my carry-on.

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