Relationship Issues: How to Get Back on Track

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Every relationship has its ups and downs. It wouldn’t be normal if couples always harmoniously agreed with one another on absolutely everything. When two individuals come together, it is inevitable that there are going to be times when conflicts arise. 

During the honeymoon stage of your relationship, you probably couldn’t get enough of each other and wanted to spend every waking (and sleeping!) hour in each other’s company. Over time, those little quirks and habits that you found so endearing can suddenly be the most annoying thing on earth. After awhile, you may find yourselves getting snappy with each other and regularly bickering amongst yourselves. Alternatively, you may find yourselves having full-blown screaming matches as tensions rise to a head. It is normal to have arguments from time to time. However, sometimes, these arguments are the result of an ongoing problem that needs to be resolved. If you feel that your arguments are the result of an underlying problem, it may be wise to look for ways of dealing with these issues.

The Problem with Resentment
Resentment seems to be a common feature in many long term relationships and marriage. Things that only mildly bothered you when you were dating or newly engaged, now feel like a hurdle that you just can’t get past. 

Resentment is something that can eat away at a relationship if left buried. This simmering tension could blow up at any time if it is left unresolved. Depending on the situation, it is often far better to address the cause of the resentment, rather than merely hoping it will go away by itself. Without discussing it, you may not be able to move past it, and your partner won’t ever truly know what the issue is.

Different Day, The Same Argument
Does your relationship ever feel like you are stuck on Groundhog Day? Do you and your partner have the same argument over and over again, until you are at a deadlock? Arguing continually about the same thing doesn’t help anyone. Instead, it can cause resentment, but more than just that it is incredibly frustrating and infuriating for both parties. Hearing the same points argued for the hundredth time is not going to make either of you suddenly admit to being wrong and apologize. Instead, you are merely going around in circles and making no progress.

If you feel that you aren’t making progress in resolving the issues in your relationship, it may be a good idea to get some professional help. If intimacy is causing issues in your relationship, then a Sex Therapist could help you to work through your problems. Seeing a relationship therapist shouldn’t be seen as a sign of weakness in your relationship. Instead, seeking out help is about being committed to trying to move your relationship forward into the future.

Communication is at the heart of any relationship. The act of communicating is vital for keeping resentment at bay and for moving on towards getting the relationship back on track.

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